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Wood County


  • Parkersburg: Take I-77 to the Staunton Avenue exit. Turn east on Rt. 47 and take the first right turn (about 0.2 mile from Interstate) onto Old West Virginia Route 47. Continue about 0.7 mile and turn right on Happy Valley Road. Travel approximately 0.4 mile until you see a large house on the left. Immediately after the stone wall (Miller's Landing) is the NBRT trailhead. Park on the gravel section opposite the trailhead. This is the Western terminus of the North Bend Rail Trail.

  • Walker: Exit Rt. 47 at Walker Road, proceed to where the road meets the trail (barricade on left).

Mile Markers

0.0     Western Terminus NBRT, closed to public

0.9     Happy Valley Trailhead, parking, picnic tables, bike fix-it station

1.0     Happy Valley Road, map board

2.7     Trail crossing private campground

3.0     Picnic table 

4.7     Bridge #51 Stillwell Creek

5.0     Picnic table

6.0     Trail crossing River Road, parking along trail

7.2     State Rt. 47 overpass

7.3     Picnic table

8.2     Bridge #50 Walker Creek

8.6     Bridge #49 Walker Creek

9.0     Picnic table

9.7     Picnic table

10.3   Bridge #48 Walker Bridge

11.0   Bridge #47 Walker Creek, picnic table

11.1   Town of Walker

11.7   Walker trailhead parking, map board, horse trailer parking

13.7   Bridge #46 Walker Creek

14.0   Tunnel #22 abandoned

14.1   Picnic table

15.0   Tunnel #21 Eaton Tunnel (second longest tunnel on the trail)

15.7   Eaton Station parking next to trail

16.2   Trail crossing County Rt. 7

16.6   County line Wood/Ritchie County

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