Donate to the Foundation

It is the generosity of our donors that allows the Foundation to preserve, upgrade and maintain the North Bend Rail Trail. Your donations are leveraged in a number of ways. There are several donation opportunities to choose from. You can donate to the general operating fund or you can donate to a specific project. Please check out our various funds and as always, thank you for your ongoing support of the Foundation!

The Foundation is a non-profit organization. Any donation made to us is tax deductible and can be claimed as a deductible on your income tax return. 

General Operating Fund

Your donation to this fund allows us to match grant funding opportunities and pays for the general operations of the Foundation. 

Bridge & Decking Fund

Your donation to this fund helps us pay for the ongoing process of repairing and sometimes replacing bridges along the trail to keep users safe. 

Trash Receptacle Fund

Your donation to this fund will help us replace inadequate traditional garbage cans with animal resistant trash receptacles that will not fall over or spill onto the trail. 

Maintenance Fund

Your donation to this fund will be used to help provide for trail maintenance such a repairing slips, clearing ditches, replacing culverts, etc.

History & Preservation Fund

Your donation to this fund will be used to help preserve and restore our trails unique historic and cultural assets. including concrete phone booths, relay boxes and signal poles.

North Bend Rails-to-Trails Foundation, Inc.
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